Courses & Descriptions -  Programme 72  

Skill & experience are
not requirements but enthusiasm is!

Here you will find descriptions of full range of courses we offer at the Mill Studio.


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Broad brush oil painting

A broad oil painting course with Michael Weller concentrating on still-life and interiors. We work from the object, massing in the big colour shapes.

Tea & coffee included

WA876 - Tuesdays from 1pm - 4pm, 14th January to 24th March (half term 18th February)

Course Fee: £445 for ten weeks

Book this course through Michael Weller.

Life drawing & painting workshop 

This is an untutored workshop concentrating on longer poses over several weeks. Participants may use their preferred medium and may work on short pieces or more major works as they wish.

Tea and coffee included in copious quantities. 

WA877 - Wednesdays from 5 to 8pm, starting 15th January to 25th March

Course Fee: £20.00 per workshop

Drop in; no booking necessary. Enquiries contact Piers Ottey

Oil Painting

A lively and varied course given by Piers Ottey; a course for those who wish to explore this fantastic medium. No limit to subject matter, individual tuition and practical help given, works outing and massive library too. This course relies on an exciting mix of beginners and experts. There are talks, critiques, visits and practical help. We do not rely on still life subjects alone.

Tea & coffee included.

WA878 - Wednesday 10am to 1pm.

Ten week course beginning 15th January to 25th March (half term 19th February)
Course fee: £445

Book this course through Piers Ottey

Elements of drawing

This popular and long running course given by Piers Ottey covers all areas of the subject from metal point and perspective and from contemporary colour work to charcoal and tonal studies. Subject matter can be as surprising as the results. All abilities welcome.

Tea & coffee included.

WA879 - Thursdays 10am to 1pm, 16th January to 26th March (half term 20th Feb)

WA880 - Thursdays 2pm to 5pm, 16th January to 26th March (half term 20th Feb)
Course fee: £445

Book this course through Piers Ottey

Drawing to painting

This course given by Piers Ottey is designed to encourage the development of paintings from drawings and will therefore deal with subject matter as diverse as figures, travels or other things. There will be help at all stages. All abilities welcome. This is a relaxed and flexible course to suit the individual.

Tea & coffee included.

WA881 - Fridays 10am to 1pm, 17th January to 27th March  (half term 21st February)
Course fee: £445

Book this course through Piers Ottey


Broad Brush Colour Workshop - One Day

A dynamic workshop painting with oils using colour. Michael Weller will take students through varying approaches to using colour. 

Tutor: Michael Weller

WA882 - Saturday 18th January, 10am to 4pm
Course fee: £115 with light lunch

Book this course through Michael Weller


Introduction to Oil Painting - Two Days

Piers Ottey will look at every possible aspect of oil painting. This will cover approaches, colour, mixing, surfaces and techniques. Suitable for beginners and painters alike. 

Tutor: Piers Ottey

WA883 - Saturday / Sunday 29th February and 1st March, 10am to 4 pm

Course Fee: £229 with light lunch

Book this course through the Mill Studio


Improvers & Beginners: Tapestry weaving workshop

This is an exciting new tapestry workshop at the Mill Studio. It is perfect for beginners who have a little experience of working in this medium. Or alternatively improvers who would like to concentrate on a new skill. All the equipment you require is provided and there are items you can borrow or you can buy from the tutor. Classes are supportive, with lots of demonstrations, and handouts to assist your learning. By the end of the workshop you will have a small tapestry to take home with you.

WA884 - Saturday / Sunday 16th and 17th November, 10am to  4pm

Course Fee: £229

Book through Caron Penney

Tapestry weaving workshop 

This exciting and inclusive tapestry weaving workshop given by Caron Penney is for beginners - advanced intermediate students. The classes are designed for maximum flexibility and inclusive learning. Students can bring current projects or start new ones. The tutor will also demonstrate techniques, run the occasional morning class on topics like colour theory, blending, overlays, hatching, shaping, text, creating lines and finishing techniques. Furthermore all members of the Monday workshops can put forward suggestions for future classes.

WA885 - Mondays (fortnightly) from 3rd February - 23rd March, 10am to 4 pm 

WA886 - Mondays (fortnightly) from 10th February - 30th March, 10am to 4 pm 

Course Fee: £248 

Book this course through Caron Penney


Free From Cartoons: Tapestry weaving workshop 

In this lively and varied workshop you will concentrate on weaving with no cartoon. Throughout history notable textile artists have embraced this way of working, where the weaver creates their work freely and without a guide.

A light lunch will be provided and lots of tea and coffee throughout the day.

WA887 - Wednesday - Saturday dates for 2020 to be confirmed. 

Course Fee: TBC

Contact Caron Penney


Working with a Cartoon: Tapestry weaving workshop 

In this lively and varied workshop you will concentrate on weaving with

a cartoon. Using a guide to create tapestry is a traditional way of working in tapestry weaving, and many of the professional workshops in the World use this method of translating an image. This way of working is normally used with a flat weave technique but other ways of working are possible. We will start by considering the design process, the scale of the work, and interpretation. 

A light lunch will be provided and lots of tea and coffee throughout the day.

WA888 - Wednesday - Saturday dates for 2020 to be confirmed. 

Course Fee: TBC 

Contact Caron Penney