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Agnes Treherne // Ferry
10 June - 7 July 2023

Ferry // A new exhibition by Agnes Treherne

In a new body of work by Agnes Treherne, Ferry sees the artist turn her attention to new landscapes including scenes from around Scotland and Ireland. Her paintings portray a rich and immersive reflection of her travels, from dramatic rumbling skies to the silence of the Irish sea. In the retelling of her journey, be it at home in Sussex or further afield, we are compelled to join her. 


Known for her intimate work rooted in her native Sussex, Agnes is an artist whose unique ability to understand and confess in her work is truly compelling, rewarding the viewer with a profound sense of place.

Image:Over Witherenden, oil on birch. Copyright Agnes Treherne.

Weald Contemporary is an art gallery in the heart of Sussex, located here at The Mill Studio in Ford near Arundel. With a focus on promoting both new and established British talent while fostering a multi-generational conversation about art.


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